posted September 2nd, 2020

Orbiting our planet - a guitar in space. As the world turns, it's only a few minutes between continents - we're not that far apart at all! Receiving and transmitting the actions from the surface has moments of disconnect before the signal becomes clear: the play of rich tonalities, and the complimentary music of nations that Tashi Dorji finds in the neck of his acoustic guitar.

Piss and vinegar spray from Tashi's resolute, resourceful acoustic guitar improvisation, while behind the initial flurries lies a tactile, meditative way through the song. With a trenchantly poised touch, Tashi steers a course through the moods suggested by the title, just the first phase of protest in a world gone seriously off course.

Armed with flowing monochrome visuals created by Dougie Bowne, the video for "Refusal, Part 1" is arresting in its execution. Watch "Refusal, Part I" above and declare 9/25 as a day for quiet contemplation, Stateless in hand.

Artists in this story: Tashi Dorji