Tashi Dorji



Drag City
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  1. Refusal, Part I 4:09

  2. Refusal, Part II 5:50

  3. Statues Crumble, Heroes Fall 6:35

  4. End of State, Part I 4:49

  5. End of State, Part II 4:25

  6. End of State, Part III 7:47

  7. What You Will Loose, As All Are Lost 5:42

  8. The Swelling Fruit About to Shatter the Husk of The Old World 5:19

  9. Now, Part I 6:52

  10. Now, Part II 2:32

About this product

Guitar improviser Tashi Dorji takes acoustic in hand, recording in a rare studio setting with extra focus and balance. In a set of songs that travel through our bleak modern lifescape, his ability to access an exceptionally wide range of moods and sounds help to express the confusion, rage, helplessness and resolve of an immigrant in America today.