posted September 10th, 2020

Launched in 2015 by Ghost's Masaki BatohThe Silence have rocketed to their fifth album in an impressive arc, continuing their singular journey to known and unknown places in the musical universe with Electric Meditations. Recorded in an all-analog process at GOK Studios in Tokyo, the sounds are a measure of the The Silence's soul! Descending to great depths and expanding immeasurably from minimal to maximal, The Silence resonate off blues and hard rock vibes in the process.

The first Electric Meditation for you to consider, "Tsumi To Warai," opens the album with simmering fury. The title literally means 'sin and ridiculing', which can be understood to be the band's response to the demented world around them. The process of living in this world makes the most sense when The Silence are with their instruments. Their created reality is the only reality that they can believe. Like such true believers, Batoh and Yamazaki's vocals are raw-edged and resolute throughout the song.  

In 2020, it's a chaotic world! It will always be. In the midst of the noise and turmoil, The Silence continue to put their faith in their instinct. For them, free means free, from all thought and premeditation. The music in their hands announces itself with righteousness. We're grateful to offer Electric Meditations to help the world retain an appropriate relationship with the freedom force of rock n roll. It is needed. 

Listen to "Tsumi to Warai" above and pre order your LP for November 6th.

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