posted October 16th, 2020

Saturday, October 17 (yes, tomorrow) will mark the long-promised return to the live arena for Jackie Lynn, when they stage a virtual concert at Chicago community staple, The Hideout! This is the album release party for the extremely powerful record,  Jacqueline (available now), which has sent tracks like "Shugar Water", "Odessa" and "Dream Street" spinning into the twilight of glittering dancefloors, roadside stops and bedrooms alike all around the globe.  Jackie Lynn is calling to you: tear off your mask and become another person for a night from the comfort + safety of your own iso-portal!  Don your colorful clothes and clear the floor around you - you gotta move. Jackie Lynn is no stranger to movement - they'll be on the other side, guiding you!

So! The party starts at 8PM CST/ 2am UK / 3am CET and tickets are available HERE.

And if this party doesn't work for you timing-wise, no worries! We're using the occasion to tell you Jackie Lynn's official European tour has been rescheduled for May of 2021! The full dates are below, showing there are so many ways, along with this digital show, to find your zone! 

10 May - Manchester, UK @ Gulliver's
11 May - Bristol, UK @ Rough Trade
12 May - London, UK @ Moth Club
13 May - Paris, France @ Point Ephemere
14 May - Gent, Belgium @ Vooruit
15 May - Rotterdam, Netherlands @ Worm
17 May - Berlin, Germany @ Urban Spree
18 May - Jena, Germany @ Trafo
19 May - Esslingen, Germany @ Komma
20 May - Bern, Switzerland @ Dampfzentrale
21 May - Antwerpen, Belgium @ Het Bos
22 May - Cologne, Germany @ Acephale

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