posted November 9th, 2020

Stateless is an improvised guitar music record that's about more than just playing your way into somewhere new. It invites we the people to perceive the hair-raising truth: these are free pieces in more ways than one. Tashi's playing opens doors through which we can view the helplessness, confusion, rage and resolve of immigrant life in America today.

"Now, Part I" is guitar in space, orbiting our planet - the laser is not pointed outward, but back towards the people on the ground. Disciplined, precise and anarchic all at once, it explodes with a raw vitality that travels through this bleak modern lifescape. But as the world continues to turn, receiving and transmitting the play of rich tonalities, Tashi finds a common language in the neck of his acoustic guitar.

Watch the measured video for "Now, Part I" (directed by Katrina Ohstrom) and open yourself to its message, everywhere that you are. Stateless is available now!

Artists in this story: Tashi Dorji