posted January 11th, 2021

For those who find the passage of time a one-way process of attrition, here’s good news for you. In the eight years since AZITA's last long-player, her fevered brain has barely rested; the proof's in the unbounded physical and mental activity, music and entertainment we hear in her new album, entitled Glen Echo.

Since the time of her solo debut, AZITA's written and arranged on keyboards - but here, AZITA composed on guitars for her new songs. Not simply for swagger or a fresh approach to soloing, but as a method to elide invariable singer-songwriter tropes. This is a key aspect of the Glen Echo sound, and once the seal was broken, the gates opened for another aesthetic twist — AZITA playing everything on the album herself! Finally, the sound she was born to have.

In Glen Echo are a multitude of moods communicated via music, comprising moments in a life: good time grooves, acerbic exchanges in the street, shifts in community and generosity, moments of loss you know you will carry forever, reflection upon unknown futures and pasts, the dark recesses late at night that echo with a wonder you’ve never felt before. You name it, AZITA’s got some sweet 'n sour theme music for it. You’ve left it now, but it’s where you’re from.

Take the ride back to Glen Echo — a once per lifetime getaway — fresh springs and summers of ten years ago, or an autumn eve when you were a kid. Or maybe it’s just a synaptic distortion, subbing for what your eyes pass over in the present season. Feel how you want about it, it doesn’t really matter to us; any wind that blows AZITA back into the game is a welcome one! Listen to "Online Life" now and pre-order your copy in anticipation of March 5th.

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