posted February 16th, 2021

In Glen Echo there are multitudes — all the moments in a life: the good time grooves, shifts in community, moments of loss and generosity that you know you will carry forever, the dark recesses late at night that echo with wonder. You name it, AZITA’s got some hot and sour theme music for it!

AZITA is equal parts droll and dire; her dispassionate view of fates and outcomes for all of us here together on the planet is textured with unique, cinematic details and deep dives into a powerful sense of soul. Her latest single "If U Die" is a grand example. A bopping, rolling strut (all parts played by AZITA), "If U Die" is strung through with lyric pearls of acerbic wit 'n wisdom with jagged guitar solo and feverish drumming communicating her ever-evolving, always questioning style. Shot on film in its entirety, the video epitomizes an era when video truly could KILL for the radio star. In the official post-everything era, AZITA will kill us all instead. Simple. And if it involves us watching this video, WAY more fun!

Watch the music video for "If U Die" and set a course for the release date, and your own copy, on March 5th. See you in Glen Echo!

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