posted March 2nd, 2021

Strange vibrations, queer notions - phantom memories of people and places we used to be! We're talking about the debut album of E.R. Jurken, to be released on the debut record label Country Thyme this April!

On I Stand CorrectedE.R. (Ed to his frenz) unravels the gauze from old wounds with delicate pop fingers strumming a guitar and a touch of keyboards beneath a chorale of overdubbed E.R.s, plumbing depths, tickling fancies and reaching for the light. E.R.'s songwriting and voice convey a wide swath of 20th-century popular music sensibilities, tipping the hat to everything from the Beach Boys and The Mamas and the Papas to the Boswell Sisters and the Brothers Gibb.

Take, for example, E.R.'s latest song "Maine Man": the many vocal harmonies augment trippy psych-rock on the surface while chamber pop radiates from the song’s core. Aided by Rian Murphy’s Ringo-esque slow-drums and (Brian Wilson music director) Paul Mertens’ horn arrangement, the tormented dreamscape of "Maine Man" ripples into reality with stunning clarity. I Stand Corrected drops 4/23, equip yourself with the latest!

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