posted April 28th, 2021

Seeking refuge from the assailing world deep within their music, bassist Joshua Abrams and drummer Chad Taylor wield, respectively, the guimbri and mbira, instruments from diverse African states, and find a pairing that advances their reigning vision, brilliantly exposited as something new. As in: a new age of music, fusing meditation, sound and dance in convergence with listening – truly a 21st century space for Mind Maintenance!

"The Ladder" makes evident the inventive and symphonic reach of their playing, performed with Monkish patience, stripping apart the initial melody and reforming it in waves of fresh permutation. Premiering today, "The Ladder" accompanies a soothing, yet poignant music video directed by Thea Taylor-Mogg, hers visuals depicting the fluid nature (and beauty) of everyday city life. Ebbing and flowing with each punctuated beat, "The Ladder" inhabits a dynamic groove that is free of genre, building upon worldly tethers with peace in the mind.

Mind Maintenance is out June 11th on LP and streaming. Pre order your copy now!

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