Mind Maintenance

Mind Maintenance


Drag City
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  1. Glow & Glimmer 5:33

  2. Entrainment 6:19

  3. The Ladder 3:45

  4. Snap Yr Teeth 1:48

  5. Cyclic Bloom 5:12

  6. Valence 7:59

  7. Slack Water 6:18

  8. Complete Rain 4:28

  9. Mental Eyes 3:57

About this product

Seeking a refuge within their music from the assailing world, bassist Joshua Abrams and drummer Chad Taylor take up guimbri and mbira, instruments from diverse African states, finding a new pairing that moves past world music and jazz into something new, to do with dance, meditation, listening and convergence — truly a place of Mind Maintenance.

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