posted May 11th, 2021

2020's done come and gone; a fuzzy void of lost time and lost opportunity. But just when you thought you were safe, 2020 is back, in the form of a long-awaited repress of Magik Markers' all-new album from last fall. 2020 offers proof positive that work born of uncertain times can transcend the untethered ether of those dark days. The Markers built 2020 in this same timeless fashion they've always worked in - fighting like fungi through the cracks in the sidewalk of the past 50 years. A thinking fungi - one that will outlive us all!

In honor of this moment of eternity passing us by, like a near-miss meteor, 2020 quicksilver ripper "Find You Ride", receives the video treatment - better late than never, wink wink! - with a bouncy shakedown from an assembled dream team of Chris Kerr and Jay Meyers streaming directly to the bleeding edge of your orbitofrontal cortex. The imitable Chris Kerr’s (aka Neo Country) surrealist imagery roils and revels in a synthetic animation from worlds unknown. Coalescing with shards of guitar and motorik grooves both improvised and planned, Kerr/Meyers' video and the Markers' music represent for a sound "that existed before there were mouths...before there were ears".

Magik Markers forever. And ever. And ever. Grab your copy of the newly restocked 2020 on vinyl and press play on the video above!

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