Magik Markers



Drag City
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  1. Surf's Up 8:14

  2. Find You Ride 4:01

  3. That Dream (Shitty Beach) 5:51

  4. Born Dead 3:35

  5. You Can Find Me 3:05

  6. Hymn for 2020 4:11

  7. Swole Sad Tic :42

  8. CDROM 7:30

  9. Quarry (If You Dive) 4:56

About this product

Here we are in 2020, exploding like a dream. Processing today’s numbed nation, considering mysteries of growing up and being older (like a memory of the future from your youth (not how you expected, but still your life)), Magik Markers rub upon their roots, art-noise jamming their way into non-linear song-sense and raw, beautiful music all at once.

Please Note: We are now taking pre-orders for the second LP pressing of 2020. Items will ship out/or around May 11th.