posted March 4th, 2022

You have been heard! You heard that we posted Jim O'Rourke's Bad Timing on Apple Music so you went there and heard it and you wondered why you hadn't heard all the other Jim O'Rourke Drag City records on your streaming service of choice (if you chose Apple Music). We halfway-heard you! And according to the bags of cards and letters sitting in the DC mailroom (not an actual room, more of a mis-labeled file folder on a PC we don't have the password for anymore), all you want is everything: Eureka, Insignificance, Halfway to a Threeway, The Visitor and Simple Songs - the whole damn harvest!

App Icon Apple Music

Sure, since we have nothing better to do, we'll upload another five priceless (so to speak) items from our catalog from one of the greatest artists of our time, all for the enjoyment of those with phones. DONE. But from this moment forward, we ask you to refer to Apple Music as The Jim O'Rourke Streaming Service "Subject To Change." We'll work on some branding over here and get back to you with badges, bumper stickers, lawn signs, and if we're lucky, by the end of the year, we'll never have to hear that filthy phrase - 'streaming service', borf! - again. For the ULTIMATE lossless listening experience on all your faves - not just these O'Rourke's, but literally EVERYTHING else - it'll be JOSS Music listening, kids! The people rule.

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