posted April 10th, 2022

Nah. Nah! How can it be two years since Jackie Lynn's Jacqueline album? If so, let's celebrate the wild ebb and flow of the our timestream, while we simultaneously raise a glass to the anniversary of Jackie's very real milestone in musical evolution!
And what then's a celebration without gifts? A song for each year!

April 2020: Jacqueline plunges into the glittering American darkness headfirst, driving and dancing through new identities, dreams and realities. Jackie Lynn, electric in their natural state – electrique, even - will surprise and revelate you with an acoustic sesh revisiting two Jacqueline classics. Shed of synth-skin, the songs' organic depths are as bold and nuanced as their former facade, as Haley Fohr’s vocals bloom and flourish, realizing Jackie’s transcendent desire.

On "Travelers Code of Conduct", an intimate-but-synthezoid album cut waxes rustic by slowing its Acetone box-beat and leaning into sparse, synth-free acoustic space. This unplugged vibe makes for an entirely different song, recalling dream images to our haunted skies and new simulations from Jackie Lynn in this very new and different year. The acoustic version of the torch ballad "Dream St." separates itself from the original by unplugging the orchestra from its backdrop, bringing the small details of Haley Fohr’s multi-octave vocal into the spotlight. At 96 bpm, the lazy river feeling of “Dream St.” becomes explicit, with folkish spaces yawning open as they flicker past at the speed of life.

Enjoy this anniversary offering today and end your weekend right with Jackie Lynn!

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