posted May 4th, 2022

Time passes slowly - until it don't! For instance: the year it's been since the release of Nathan Bowles and Bill MacKay debut album. It's only now that they're set to take their musical keys to the kingdom on tour, for all subjects to hear - but really, what's 'only now'? The end of a long time, or a short one? Fortunately, it's no matter: if you ain't already, slip Keys into any little eyelet you find in your day, and prepare to unlock a lovely live encounter down the east-coast road!

Keys is a collection of banjo and guitar duets, melancholy and joyous, and an excavation of eternal beauty and simplicity. In addition to Bill’s guitar and Nathan’s banjo, they bring voice, piano, percussion, pump organ, requinto and electric organ into the richness and rusticity, the traditionalism and open space of the compositions. Bill and Nathan's chemistry flows freely from hand to hand, with moments of arrangement coming spontaneously, as can only happen with comfort and trust in each other’s presence.

As said above, this is Bowles and MacKay's first time on the road as a duo. Every performance is a living organism, growing as it goes - so expect a night of free-flying ideas smelt from traditional sounds. Plus an amazing variety of acts sharing the bill! Tour starts later this month, get your tickets now.

5/28/22 The Hideout Chicago IL*
6/10/22 The Nightlight Chapel Hill NC^
6/11/22 TBA Charlotte NC&
6/12/22 Rhizome Washington DC %
6/13/22 Bar 1801 Baltimore MD
6/14/22 Brickbat Books Philadelphia PA@
6/15/22 Union Pool Brooklyn NY#
6/16/22 The Sunspot Northampton MA!

*w/ Pelt
^w/ Signal Light Ensemble
& w/ Mike Gangloff
% w/ Tal Sounds
@ w/ Mikel Patrick Avery
# w/ Loren Connors
! w/ Sunburned Hand of the Man

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