Bill MacKay and Nathan Bowles



Drag City
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  1. Idumea 3:55

  2. Honey Time 3:09

  3. Late for Your Funeral Again 3:09

  4. Dry Rations II 1:49

  5. Joy Ride 5:09

  6. I See God 2:27

  7. Dry Rations I 2:51

  8. Dowsing 5:03

  9. Truth 5:37

  10. The I in Silence 4:10

About this product

Bill MacKay and Nathan Bowles’ debut is well titled: keys are what they play and keys unlock things too. Their trad bonafides are balanced with inquisitive playing that adds surprise as a formal songwriting and arranging tool. Spirited 21st century folk music made of equal parts bluegrass, classical, country, gospel and improv.