posted June 20th, 2022

Due to entirely foreseen circumstances (COVID-19, damn u!), Bill MacKay and Nathan Bowles were forced to cancel their maiden voyage as a duo earlier this month, but fear not, the boys will be back in (your) town before too long! The Spiral Joy band have shifted their road trippin' subtly forward in time, landing in the first week of August to perform at many of the same venues and towns - with the addition of new dates in Durham and Baltimore. How's that for lost time being found again and then some?

Bill and Nathan's collaborative debut, Keys, expands upon the rich traditional of banjo-guitar duets, excavating their eternal beauty and simplicity and extending the dynamic range with new compositions and the addition of piano, percussion, electric and pump organs, requinto and a bit of singing, even! Bill and Nathan's chemistry flows freely from hand to hand in the infinite, with moments of melancholy and joy coursing with spontaneous energy through the arrangements. As will often happen with comfort and trust in each other’s presence - and now, with the renewed possibility of your very presence in the room!

Reacquaint yourselves with the potentials that arise when seeing something like you've never done before! Getcher tickets for Nathan Bowles and Bill MacKay and guarantee your witness of their blissful reunion.

August 03, 2022     Shadowbox     Durham     NC     US     w/ Signal Lamp Ensemble   
August 04, 2022     Bar 1801     Baltimore     MD     US     w/ Attorneys General    
August 05, 2022     Rhizome     Washington     DC     US     w/ Tal Sounds    
August 06, 2022     Brickbat Books     Philadelphia     PA     US     w/ Mikel Patrick Avery     
August 07, 2022     Union Pool     Brooklyn     NY     US     w/ Sunburned Hand of the Man   
August 08, 2022     The Sunspot     Northampton     MA     US      w/ Sunburned Hand of the Man

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