posted February 7th, 2023

With the impending arrival of Drag On Girard on March 24th, the brilliance of Mike Polizze’s music, beyond the obvious — his singing/screaming guitar leads, classic song construction and vivid hope + dream feels —is the shifting, dynamic personality of each Purling Hiss album. This time out, the colliding circles of time seem to have inspired both the songs and the band, as the sentiment-drenched mood explodes in a wild tangle of guitars set to overwhelm the room.

With "Baby", the second single from Drag On GirardPurling Hiss' joy and resignation are wildly shouted out in this pocket-bursting epic! Its descending blast of chords, with Polizze’s massed-and-buried vocals transmitting the excitement and fear of the infinite possibilities life can provide, propel new lines of guitar into an ever-expanding, climactic sonic-universe on this instant radio classic. Yes, we're (high) biased, but we're also confident you'll find "Baby" to be an electrifying, darkly optimistic sing-along, glittered with melodic sheen, too. Like the best Purling Hiss, "Baby" is acutely catchy and delightfully fuzzed throughout.

Watch the breezy music video for "Baby" and stream the F out of to this glorious new Hiss-song today!


4/20 Washington DC @ DC9
4/21 Philadelphia @ Johnny Brenda’s
4/22 Brooklyn NY @ Union Pool
4/23 Brooklyn NY @ Union Pool

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