Purling Hiss

Drag On Girard


To Be Released
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  1. Yer All In My Dreams 4:33

  2. Something in My Basement 4:05

  3. Baby 2:09

  4. Out the Door 4:16

  5. When the End is Over 4:47

  6. Stay With Us 1:49

  7. Drag On Girard 7:43

  8. Shining Gilded Boulevard 8:54

About this product

The colliding circles of time bring us back to the brink of the Hiss at last. Classic rock singing/screaming guitars fuse with Mike Polizze’s hope-n-dreamz feels and explode into fresh heartbreak, happening right now today, as sweet tunes and crushed guitar harmonics pour off the turntable and run out in the street, just like in the old days.