posted March 20th, 2023

Cum gather 'round and feel the noize, folks - there's a hot new Cory Hanson solo album on the horizon!

With Western Cum, our debauched and shameless world is redeemed in the same breath as it is repudiated. A massing of guitars, guitars, guitars and voices form post-gospel harmony, with a panoply of melodic impulses within, bright and burgeoning. The second single, "Twins", is now among you! Establishing a peaceful easy feeling up front, it delves deep and sails high when the strings come in (guitar strings, right), rummaging through the nightmare of modern existence with the bones of prosaic wisdom left behind by our singer-songwriter fore-brethren.

Director Amy Scott captures Cory in his native California environment - rambling around a ranch home -- and just like Arnold and DeVito, this pairing of "Twins" (the video + the music, naturally!) are a perfect match.

While watching the video click that full screen button and let "Twins" wash all over you!

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