Cory Hanson

Western Cum


Drag City
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All Tracks

  1. Wings 4:56

  2. Housefly 3:19

  3. Persuasion Architecture 4:08

  4. Horsebait Sabotage 3:56

  5. Ghost Ship 4:10

  6. Twins 3:03

  7. Driving Through Heaven 10:28

  8. Motion Sickness 5:06

About this product

The western themes of Cory’s previous Pale Horse Rider, made flesh in the form of an electric band, lashed with gleaming guitar strings to tracks whose gnarled, proggy path only climes to the top of the listener’s Compulsion Index. From steel to synth, from old-school ballad to nu hardcore and ambient, Hanson and band run the table of modern rocks.