posted April 17th, 2023

After 30 years behind the kit, Hawksworth is Matt Espy’s first solo album: an album of drums in duet with birdsong. He's chopped and scattered their calls into the organic space in which Matt’s meditations on a life in music creates fresh music, commenting on the nature of music itself.

The second sample from his creative world is "Dexlark", with the sounds of classic lark song in unison with Matt’s rhythmic riff, their fluttering energies entwining and winding into a compulsive drum circle/fugue. The brass of the cymbal and the skins of the hand percussion ring and crackle, leaving wide open pockets in time for improvisation, producing an uncanny transfiguration. The lark-drum main theme is revisited as a play-out groove in the name of ritual, paying it forward. The self directed music video features a special cameo from this new species of bird, the "Dexlark", flying through our world, brief but unforgettable.

Watch the video for "Dexlark" and be instantly transported to the private island of your mind. Hawksworth is out May 19th!

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