posted April 19th, 2023

The Forest in Me is here, and it's a deep, and sometimes dark ride! Every time Xylouris White make music, whether live or on record, it's a head-spinning display of absolute cohesion via a drums and strings duo, combining compositions with improvisations in a manner that always provides a different assembly for the assembled listener. Take The Forest In Me - it is another side of the world from the previous Xylouris White record, The Sisypheans. Of course it is, you say - it's a big world, and George Xylouris, Jim White and longtime producer Guy Picciotto are on different sides of it! That's absolutely a part of The Forest In Me - George and Jim made this record from those different places, with Guy taking a larger songwriting and collaborative role within the group, and as honest music, it represents that sense of being somehow removed from the world and united with something inside, while also cohering outside those vast lonely spaces as music. Titles like "Seeing the Everyday", "Memories and Souvenirs", "Missing Heart" and "Tails of Time" begin to scratch at the surface of it, setting us up to go deeper when we drop the needle or press play or whatever we have to do. There's an impressionism, almost like soundtrack music, at play here. But there's another way into the Forest - a video album, with all twelve songs envisioned by different filmmakers, almost all of whom take a crack at more than one. And in this way, the abstraction of music recorded in mutual isolation is reconnected with the larger world, as the visions of Rebecca E Marshall, Jem Cohen, Little Lisa & Dee Hannan,  Appolonioa Xylouris & Shelagh Hannan, Anna White and Efthymia Zymvragki, once seen, will all be married to sounds in suitable unforeseen ways for us. The ballerina fever-dream of "Long Doll", the state of nature wafting so peacefully in "Red Wine", or the late night swim in the ocean superimposed upon "Latin White" - all reference points to take us through The Forest In Me. By employing friends and family to lend an eye, Xylouris White admit the music to the greater world, like memories and souvenirs, you're invited too; collect them for yourselves, with The Forest In Me informing the forest in you.

This weekend, Melbourne's One Star Gallery will be hosting the first two screenings of these music videos as a short film. Each screening will be preceded with an introduction by two of the commissioned filmmakers; Anna White and Dee Hannan. For those down under, grab your tickets now and be on the look out for more screenings across other continents as well!

The Filmmakers and short films:

Rebecca E Marshall-”Second Sister” & “Latin White”
Efthymia Zymvragaki- “Seeing the Everyday” & “Memories and Souvenirs”
Jem Cohen-”Missing Heart”, “Night Club & “Forest In Me (‘Other Forests’)”
Lisa Little & Dee Hannan- “Tails of Time” & "Long Doll (‘Dance to Death' )"
Anna White-"Red Wine"
Apollonia Xylouri & Shelagh Hannan "Underworld" & "Witnessed by Angels"

Saturday April 22nd at 7:30 pm:

Sunday April 23rd at 2pm:

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