posted April 19th, 2023

Western Cum is Cory Hanson's third full-length solo release (or, if you prefer, emission) drawn from a wide range of influences and sounds. You can't just call it cosmic country though - what about the gritty guitar rock strewn all about the place? You can't just call it psych-folk/psych-rock/psych/ugh/whew neither – ‘cos what about that damnable post-prog that Cory finds favor with and room for, everywhere he goes to rock, from Wand to beyond? It's ALL that – and what's more, it's growing all the time. So put that tongue back in your mouth, please.

The songs of Western Cum are set against the backdrop of our ever-changing/but still-uncertain world, with guitars that, like the H.G Wells-ian fighting machines of old, reach high into the sky and melt everything in their path. Like this song: "Horsebait Sabotage" kicks off with post-Skynyrdian high spirits and then takes a turn into outright gnarldom, cruising then crashing into ambient meltdown. Indeed, this 2020-something take on a 90s take on a 70s rock runs the damn gamut, reaching through clouds of distortion and last-century detritus to produce a reverberating and breathtaking freedom rock ride for (you guessed it) all of us (yes!) today.

And that's just simply the music. So don't get us started on the video – we'll be here all night! Just picture this: the hot sun beats down on a barren desert landscape, rife with mirages and infused with one directive – to hunt down every Cory you can, man! Directed with full on slapstick humor by the Coconut Brothers (aka, siblings-in-arms Casey and Cory Hanson), don’t worry, the desert is left to its quiet, peaceful solitude in the end, as the memory of the absurdist shootout fades into the dust and “Horsebait Sabotage” rides into the ventricular hemispheres of your BRAIN – never to not return!

Watch/listen to "Horsebait Sabotage" and set your sundials for June 23rd – Western Cum can’t come any sooner than that.

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