posted April 26th, 2023

The sound of Suarasama is the sound of people engaged in a deeply spiritual, constantly moving recital in open space. Soulful essence and shining spirit float effervescently across Timeline, continuing the legacy of the late Irwansyah Harahap and sending North Sumatran traditional music, and its relationship to other traditional sounds of the world, across the planet.

The song “Timeline” itself addresses the history of musical lutes around the world as a means of debuting Irwansyah's custom-made lute, the "saz-guitar". This 10-string instrument combines the design of a guitar with that of the Turkish saz. Opening with a gentle taskasim, "Timeline" builds with deliberation before exploding with raga-like heat, rewarding the deep listener. It is important to understand that a timeline charts the passage of time; this one references Suarasama’s musical path over the years of their existence.

Watch the mesmeric performance of "Timeline" (featuring Irwansyah before his untimely 2021 passing) and preorder your copy of the full album before May 12th.

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