Drag City
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  1. Untukmu Yang Berperang 6:46

  2. Dukkha 6:17

  3. Timeline 13:51

  4. Sea Fish 6:43

  5. Awesome 4:43

  6. Journey 12:29

  7. Kita Berbagi (We Share) 6:58

About this product

Timeline follows multiple paths across our planet’s time and space: avenues of world cultures and music, and the instruments played there; the crossroads where and when the roads meet and the track of time inside the lines of the songs themselves. Sounding as new today as it did when first released in 2013, Suarasama’s traditional North Sumatran roots are a launching point into the hypnotic music we all share with the first-time-on-vinyl 10th anniversary reissue of Timeline.