posted June 26th, 2023

Roll the tape! Rock and roll! Roll whatever you got, if you got ‘em! It’s time to take your trip to Prison. You think you're ready to go Upstate?’re not. Unless - are you ready to set yourself free, no matter what the consequences? Cause if you are, then yeah, you’re ready to party with Prison.

Prison is a state of mind, an experience, a loose collective, a band made up of a bunch of psychedelic dudes who aren’t your average bunch of jambanders. The Prison population changes with the seasons, and during the season this album was recorded, Sarim Al-Rawi (Liquor Store), Mike Fellows (The Mighty Flashlight), Sam Jayne (who sadly passed in 2020, R.I.P.), Matt Lilly and Paul Major (Endless Boogie) were in Prison.

The only way to REALLY get it is to go to Prison – and if you’re not from greater NYC and haven’t showed at any of the shows they've already played, this here’s your best bet: their breakout album, Upstate. And whatta breakout! So high, you can’t get under it; so wide, you can’t get over it! Just listen to the first cut, "Hold The Building Up/The Prison Within". Prison opens up and says YEAH. Or NAH? In the cacophony, we can’t hardly tell – but it can be both things at once! Dichotomy is the way for this giant-size quintet – three guitars and four vocals, pulling at one riff until its all things for everyone. Sledgehammering at the controls of a psychedelic space-coaster and careening into other spaces entirely, Prison's seamless blend of improvisational and preordained mythic intentions is BEYOND time.

Follow the signs, listen up, have fun. Just go for it! That’s how Prison got Upstate. This debut 2xLP is out August 25th.

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