Drag City
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  1. Hold the Building Up / The Prison Within 15:46

  2. Hold 'Em Up / Comin' Down on Me 11:05

  3. Low Hangin' Disco Ball / So Alone 21:14

  4. I Always Get What I Want / Playin' Pool With the Planets 22:24

  5. Destroy / Cookin' With Heat 20:46

About this product

Finally! Vinylly! The Prison break of our dreams at long last. Freedom is the goal for Rockaway Beach’s very own state-of-mind jam band. Everybody’s got their point of view and one slamming riff at a time unites all of them: five guys, four vocals, three guitars melded together outrageously in a craft that runs on it’s own rock and roll synergy, and lots of it. Sure, it goes too far! How the hell else you gonna get Upstate?

2xLP release date will be 9/8/2023.