posted October 16th, 2023

The initial cassette-only release of Guitar Improvisations turned lots of heads back in 2012 and now, over a decade later, this release makes its full-album debut on vinyl.

It really was a formative time for me because it felt like everything opened, as far as the possibilities of what music-making meant. Like improvisation walked in and then there was a volcanic eruption…” - Tashi Dorji

Tashi Dorji’s fleet-fingered mastery of the six string guitar is slowly drawn out on Guitar Improvisations. Recently introduced to Derek Bailey’s towering examples, Tashi forms his own conception with ease. Playing purely experimentally on "Improvisation I", he inhabits the now, increasing the elements in his play and carefully building a hypnotic whole. Much like the album itself, the video for "Improvisation I" is playful and free form, shuffling from sound and re-sequencing shapes with skillful ease to create something entirely new.

Pre-order both the Guitar Improvisations and Tashi Dorji vinyl reissues for November 3rd!



10/29/23   Roulette intermedium   NY   NY^ 

^Duo w/ Alex Zhang Hungtai

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