posted May 30th, 2024

Jettisoned through the atmosphere to pulverize our beckoning eardrums, The Key (Became The Important Thing [& Then Just Faded Away]) is Chris Corsano operating past every dimension. The upcoming album (out June 28) sees Chris in rare solo form, performing every part himself and overdubbing each frenzied instrument into six explosive tracks. Today, the important thing is experiencing the second single from the album, “The Full-Measure Wash Down”, with a new music video by Kim Alpert.

Gnawa-esque string drum acoustics give birth to a tense post-punk drone on “The Full-Measure Wash Down”, spiked viscerally with percussive guitars and flourishing into transcendent passages of minimalist funk-rock. Chris plays each part of this arrangement, drawing himself upward and onward in an organic enigma of chicken-egg communication — where does the tale begin, and who’s following who in this enervating flow of throbbing rhythms and compulsive heat?

’ solo approach is rooted in the exploration of elements of extended technique via possibilities facilitated by a self-made string drum. The Key (Became The Important Thing [& Then Just Faded Away]) brings his encompassing focus on free improvisation and noise into a granular fusion with acoustic experiments and hot-wired ideations of hard rock riffing and post-punk sound. Nodding to the guitar sounds of his favorite collaborators in striking self-conversation with his own rhythm, it’s a fusion of all things Corsano — one to strike the Earth’s core on June 28, 2024!

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