Chris Corsano

The Key (Became the Important Thing [& Then Just Faded Away])


Drag City
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  1. I Don't Have Missions 7:20

  2. Collapsed in Four Part 6:27

  3. Low Experience 2:12

  4. Unlike an Empty Box 6:31

  5. The Full-Measure Wash Down 3:38

  6. Everything I Tried to Understand Wasn't Understandable at All 7:13

About this product

A feverish essay of transcendent drumming: Chris’ solo approach, rooted in the exploration of elements of extended technique, sought another level, via possibilities facilitated by a self-made string drum! The Key (Became The Important Thing [& Then Just Faded Away]) brings his encompassing focus on free improvisation and noise into a granular fusion with acoustic experiments and hot-wired ideations of hard rock riffing and the post-punk sound.