Andy Kaufman

Andy and His Grandmother


Drag City
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  1. Andy is Making a Record

  2. Andy and His Grandmother

  3. Andy's Land Live

  4. Andy Loves His Tape Recorder

  5. Slice of Life

  6. Andy Goes to the Movies

  7. Kick in the Pants

  8. Andy Can Talk to Animals

  9. I'm Not Capable of Having a Relationship

  10. Hookers

  11. Andy and His Grandmother Go For a Drive

  12. Sleep Comedy

  13. [HONK!} vs {DOG] A

  14. [HONK!} vs {DOG] B

  15. Andy Goes for a Taxi Ride

  16. Andy's English Friend Paul

  17. I Want Those Tapes

About this product

Lost mini-tapes are found again! The laughs come easy and awful in auld lang syne as the days of Andy's life flow like sand in our eyes, irritating, yet forcing us to become better, stronger people.