Bitchin Bajas



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Double 12" $30.00
Blacklight Poster 2x12" Bundle $45.00
Cassette $11.00
Blacklight Poster Cassette Bundle $26.00
MP3 Download $9.99
FLAC Download $10.99
Poster only $20.00

All Tracks

  1. Amorpha 9:42

  2. Geomancy 14:30

  3. World B. Free 11:49

  4. Quakenbrück 10:49

About this product

Bajascillators rolls four unique numbers that act on their own AND as extensions of each other, phases in perfect flow...wave after wave of analogue synth tones and zones extending into a stratospheric arc. Each time, as the needle cradles into the playout groove, you the listener are becalmed, in stasis, forever changed. Until you flip the side — and forever changes again…

Turn Baj-on, Tune Baj-in and Tune Baj-out with the simple addition of Bitchin Bajas blacklight poster to your format of choice — 45rpm 2x12" or cassette! Guaranteed to enhance, well....everything.

2x12" and cassette bundles include the 23"x35" Bajascillators blacklight poster. Posters will be shipped separately.