Pearls Before Swine



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All Tracks

  1. Trumpeter Landfrey... :33

  2. Translucent Carriages 4:00

  3. Images of April 2:38

  4. There Was a Man 2:52

  5. I Saw the World 3:24

  6. Guardian Angels 3:00

  7. Suzanne 4:54

  8. Lepers and Roses 5:19

  9. Florence Nightingale... :15

  10. Ring Thing 2:20

  11. Rewind 1:06

About this product

From 1968: the second album — and second masterpiece from Tom Rapp's merry band. A host of NYC session players augments the OG Pearls gang, progressing the sound into greater depth and darkness, with Rapp's lyric quill pointed gently at the world of contradictions that allows so much love and beauty, and so much to destroy it. Newly restored to highlight the gorgeous design of the album, inside and out. Make war no more.