Silver Jews

Bright Flight


Drag City
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  1. Slow Education 3:07

  2. Room Games And Diamond Rain 4:34

  3. Time Will Break The World 3:17

  4. I Remember Me 5:32

  5. Horseleg Swastikas 3:20

  6. Transylvania Blues 3:03

  7. Let's Not And Say We Did 2:59

  8. Tennessee 4:10

  9. Friday Night Fever 2:44

  10. Death Of An Heir Of Sorrows 2:36

About this product

The first thing I remember about the recording of Bright Flight is that when we opened the door to Hum Depot's roller rink of a basement studio, the console was in a jillion pieces. Why we were the reason it got cleaned for the first time since 1972, who can say? Marky cussed heroically, recomposing the board while the Joos idled High Life ponies in the parking lot. Everyone was well in character by the time the reels sputtered to life.

Mostly I recall catnapping under globe lights on and off for days with these incredible songs I'd only heard skeletons of at that point drifting through the lounge. Occasionally I was roused to harmonize, completely amazed with wonder to hear my own voice joined to this band that I had loved already for years. David says it's boring when people tell their dreams. Nevertheless, crowding around a laughing, out of tune piano singing "Let's Not and Say We Did" as Tony blew the lid off the joint is as wildly surreal today as it was then.

  • Cassie Berman