David Grubbs & Taku Unami

Comet Meta


Blue Chopsticks
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  1. Comet Meta 10:05

  2. Mirror Auction at Echo Decor 7:42

  3. Nothing Left to Hear but the Night 3:52

  4. Heart of the Thrumming House 8:52

  5. The Furthest Farthest 5:15

  6. Walking Corpse in an Old House 3:40

About this product

With resumes as long as their arms, Grubbs and Unami, longtime friends and now simpatico collaborators, restart their conversation. From pindrop twin-guitar focus to Grubbs maneuvering a piano through Unami's forcefields to unclassifiable throbs, ceiling fans, and the distant exultation of the crowd at the New York City marathon, you'd be forgiven for thinking on occasion of gossamer Gastr-isms. Think instead of Comet Meta-isms!