The Red Krayola



Drag City
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  1. George III 1:50

  2. Bad Medicine 3:30

  3. Hybrid Creature Of Greed, Ignorance And Powers of Comprehension ... 2:22

  4. There There Betty Betty 2:29

  5. Greed Of A Clarinet That Is Puffy From Crying Gets Tossed in ... 4:41

  6. Vile Vile Grass 2:31

  7. Sow With An Abbess's Bonnet Is Sitting On Four Rock-Objects and ... 5:48

  8. Mother 2:16

  9. Out Of A Trombone That Is Divided Lengthways By... 4:17

  10. In My Baby's Ruth, Sandy's Drums With David & Shadwell... 15:02

  11. Come On Down (Bonus Track) 4:35

About this product

Mayo and the crew, old and new, are back again with their strongest record to date.

Full song titles:
1. George III
2. Bad Medicine
3. A hybrid creature of greed, ignorance and powers of comprehension plays a vaulted drum kit. The playing corresponds completely to the event. There are entrances and exits. And there is gravitation, where it is needed -- for tears
4. There There Betty Betty
5. The greed of a clarinet that is puffy from crying gets tossed in butter and spread by notes. This process depresses the entire orchestra so much that it only plays behind a golden partition. The partition is decorated with semi-precious attractive diamonds.
6. Vile Vile Grass
7. A sow with an abbess's bonnet is sitting on four rock-objects and singing along with them. The song sounds like a cheater, and is imprisoned in a striped toy box because its aims are not recognizable. On top of the box is a head that could be Elvis's, if he had survived this.
8. Mother
9. Out of a trombone that is divided lengthways by a partition of gold sound seven violins of dynamite that are cut sideways into thin slices. They are played by the thrown out ex-members of a very bad band and blown up.
10. In My Baby's Ruth, Sandy's drums with David & Shadwell, Filthy Lucre
11. Come On Down (bonus track)