Ty Segall

Goodbye Bread


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  1. Goodbye Bread 3:25

  2. California Commercial 1:18

  3. Comfortable Home (A True Story) 2:19

  4. You Make The Sun Fry 2:31

  5. I Can't Feel It 4:05

  6. My Head Explodes 3:11

  7. The Floor 3:37

  8. Where Your Head Goes 4:14

  9. I Am With You 4:39

  10. Fine 4:26

About this product

Ty Segall has his finger on it. A finger on it, digging into your vinyl, since 2008. Ty plays the show one-man-band style and goes home and plans the rest: the records you got, tunes in your head, the unpretentious display of rock wealth. So what do you get now? It's 2011. Ty is 23. So, do we get the comedown record? Yes and massive.