The Red Krayola

Greasy Street


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  1. Greasy Street 4:24

  2. Easy Street 4:14

About this product

The sad story how BP managed to screw up a jackpot well and the Gulf of Mexico in the process is by now universally known and deplored. We see what happened in the Gulf as a disaster for everyone everywhere. What is to be done to bring discovery, production and distribution under manners continues to be puzzled over, and while it is hoped that solutions will be found, in the meantime, as citizens and as consumers who feel implicated in the mess, it occurs to us to try to do something, however small and indirect, to help with cleaning up that mess.

Back in 2006 The Red Krayola conjured a contaminated world in "Greasy Street"(from Introduction). What it described then was no more than a specter; now it seems horrifically real. In case you would like to check the connection and by the same token contribute with us to Gulf coast relief contrary to our usual policy of making complete sets available we now offer "Greasy Street" b/w "Easy Street" (an instrumental variant) as a downloadable single. All of the $1.98 you pay for the two songs will go to Gulf Coast relief organizations; and you are free to spread them in the audiosphere as you see fit. Care to slide down "Greasy Street" with us?