Tony Conrad & Jennifer Walshe

In the Merry Month of May


Blue Chopsticks
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  1. In the Merry Month of May 7:50

  2. Well You Would 2:03

  3. He Only Had One Paw 8:06

  4. Wake Up 4:02

  5. He's Definitely Not the Type 3:35

  6. O My God 2:28

  7. Dance Dance 1:37

  8. Day of the Fair 8:19

  9. People Need to Know 4:32

About this product

The final studio recording of the late, great Tony Conrad, and the first duo release with Jennifer Walshe. A wild, improvisatory flaying of song; the sheer sonic force recalls the ecstatic charge of Conrad’s Slapping Pythagoras, with Walshe’s clarion voice at the heart of it. A one-of-a-kind concoction whipped up by two fearless and often peerless souls. It’s a joy to hear their manifest mutual regard and commitment to busting a gut.