Silver Jews

Lookout Mountain, Lookout Sea


Drag City
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  1. What Is Not But Could Be If 3:07

  2. Aloysius, Bluegrass Drummer 1:54

  3. Suffering Jukebox 4:21

  4. My Pillow Is The Threshold 3:52

  5. Strange Victory, Strange Defeat 2:43

  6. Open Field 2:39

  7. San Francisco B.C. 6:14

  8. Candy Jail 2:30

  9. Party Barge 2:54

  10. We Could Be Looking For The Same Thing 3:35

About this product

The valleys and lakes had better watch out, too. The Joos have returned with an unmistakable force that will shake the very foundations we all hold dear. David Berman's wit is sharp and furious, but, like a boxer with a swollen eye, sometimes a cut is what we need to move forward and continue our battle.