Father Yod and the Source Family

Magnificence in the Memory


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All Tracks

  1. Camp of the Gypsies 6:50

  2. Nam Yo Ho Renge Kyo 3:53

  3. Treat You So Right 3:25

  4. Sunshine Man 6:38

  5. Most Prized Possession of All 1:40

  6. Fertility Dance 6:50

  7. Father Whistling 2:53

  8. It Doesn't Matter What You Do 6:10

  9. It's a Knack 2:10

About this product

These songs and sounds are all recordings from 1973–74, recorded at the Father House during regular jam sessions with Father and YaHoWha 13, whose liquid abilities to jam took them into many places around the cosmos all while never leaving their bodies. Join the Family and experience the free-flowing "Magnificence In The Memory."

Handmade LP has completely different cover