Bill Callahan & Bonnie Prince Billy

"Miracles (feat. Ty Segall)"

7"/MP3 Single/FLAC Single

Drag City
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  1. Miracles (feat. Ty Segall) 4:17

  2. Miracles (original by Johnnie Frierson, vinyl-only) 3:37

About this product

Bill C and B'P'B join hands with Ty Segall, Johnnie Frierson and all of us at Drag City and Light In the Attic to turn the party up to 11, with a synth and rhythm box rebuild of Johnnie Frierson’s late-period Memphis outsider-gospel, summoning forth a 7" single with two views on one sweet soul tune. Frierson’s heavenly original, dating from a DIY cassette release in the early 90s (and a LITA comp in 2016!) is warm, emphatic and nakedly effervescent. The flip, torn from today's internet headlines, features Ty's low-down nasty funk take, the layers and bobbing beats of which make Bill and Bonny come fervently alive before the mic. Together, they make believers of us all.

Cover artwork by Meghan Remy, from the Soccer Club Club group show Activity Apparatus.