P.G. Six

Murmurs & Whispers


Drag City
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  1. Leaves 4:10

  2. I Have Known Love 3:50

  3. Tell Me Death 5:35

  4. I Have a House 5:47

  5. Just Begun 2:28

  6. Barley Wine 2:21

  7. Meandering 3:37

  8. I Don't Want to Be Free 7:51

  9. Foggy Hill 1:46

About this product

The return of P.G. Six’s deep acoustic focus, a devotional style honed from childhood ongoing. Pat Gubler’s salad years of playing the harp pay off after a one a few decades — here, he plays his Triplett Celtic model with pristine fingerwork and heavy soul. Evoking worlds, generations and future waves radiated from the folk tradition, Murmurs & Whispers finds P.G. at an apex of his special talent for earthly sounds with transcendent aspirations.