The Wingdale Community Singers

Night, Sleep, Death


Blue Chopsticks
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  1. So What (Andy's Lament) 3:47

  2. White Bike 5:09

  3. Passing Stranger 2:42

  4. Learned Astronomer 2:37

  5. Night, Sleep, Death, and the Stars 5:32

  6. No Rest 3:36

  7. Happy Ending 4:14

  8. Use as Directed 3:01

  9. Ole Rudy 3:15

  10. Never Ever Fall 2:48

  11. Hunan #3 2:29

  12. A Sweeter Way to Say Goodbye 4:11

About this product

Ten years on and three albums into their discography, The Wingdale Community Singers (Hannah Marcus, Rick Moody, David Grubbs) are picked up by Blue Chopsticks (and not vice-versa). Drawn from folk, gospel, country and pop (and life) and featuring effortlessly simpatico guests like Tanya Donnelly (va va voom!), Night, Sleep, Death features poems, prayers and promises, just like all the best vinyl-only releases.