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Drag City
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  1. Nasty Fancy 3:08

  2. Everything That I See 2:30

  3. Before I Pass Away 2:49

  4. Blind Again 4:02

  5. Fun Fun Fun 2:05

  6. Give Me More 3:03

  7. You And Me 4:28

  8. Try Try Try 2:43

  9. Late Night 5:27

  10. Never Died Before 2:30

About this product

Their energy can only be live, their songs are cut meticulously to the bone. This time, the sounds are pushed to point of internal subatomic explosion but they're exploding on the outside anyway! If you find you miss the show experience, turn it up to eleven and wipe a sweaty, hairy, screaming midget across your face, then dump a trashcan over your friend, then lift a drum kit over your head while a sweaty, hairy non-midget pounds the skins triumphantly.