Aki Tsuyuko



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  1. Flutter

  2. Flower on the Ground

  3. umi no hanashi [micro version]

  4. Dreamy Fish

  5. A Happy Day

  6. Fantasia

  7. Wafting

  8. Travel Alone [fenderRHODES version]

  9. Fingers Spin [up-on-time version]

  10. The Voice of the Night

  11. Another Room

  12. A Full Moon and a Long Night

About this product

Gentle, intimate instrumental music. The sound of one hand clapping - on the keys of a Fender Rhodes piano. No shoes, no shirt, no beats. Recorded at Moonlit Studio, you can almost hear the moonbeams saturating into the tape. Produced by Nobukazu Takemura. Beautiful sounds make up a post-album album. Remember the LP!

Released on CD in 1999 on Childisc