Belfi / Grubbs / Pilia

Onrushing Cloud


Blue Chopsticks
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  1. Hermitage 7:14

  2. Nitrated Out 3:31

  3. City Rats on a Mountain Pass 4:51

  4. Onrushing Cloud 5:28

  5. Lightning Vault 9:55

About this product

This is the first recording by the trio of Andrea Belfi (drums, percussion, electronics), David Grubbs (electric guitar, piano, voice), and Stefano Pilia (electric guitar). Onrushing Cloud is characterized by the eccentric, fleeting symmetries of Grubbs and Pilia's guitar playing simultaneously mediated, punctuated, and over- and underscored by Belfi's hybrid assemblage and deeply personal vocabulary of electronics and percussion. Although ultimately divided into five songs, this is clearly a single start-to-finish skein.

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