Boris (with Michio Kurihara)



Drag City
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  1. Rafflesia 5:33

  2. Rainbow 4:56

  3. Starship Narrator 4:01

  4. My Rain 1:49

  5. Shine 4:37

  6. You Laughed Like A Water Mark 7:02

  7. Fuzzy Reactor 3:44

  8. Sweet No. 1 6:53

  9. No Sleep Till I Become Hollow 4:24

About this product

Lucky you! Now you don't need a friend and two stereos to find out what it would sound like if Michio Kurihara (of Ghost) played a killer set with Boris. No more dealing with differing CD speeds and volume balancing- we did all that for you. This US version contains two different mixes from the import version, making it slightly longer.