Randall of Nazareth

Randall of Nazareth


Drag City
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  1. Safety In the Sand 2:00

  2. Climbing Trees 4:37

  3. It's Nice to Know 4:28

  4. Forever Left Turns 4:19

  5. Living In Candles 2:21

  6. The Way 4:13

  7. Ballad of a Sorry Lonely Breaking Man 4:21

  8. Read Your Name 3:52

About this product

Randy Huth from Pearls & Brass brings you the bluesy edge of that band, stripped of it's electric monster grooves. These sparse and tender basement songs set Randall as his generation's master of world-weary tunes. The LP is a limited edition of 500, ensuring the children of 2050 will be searching their post-apocalyptic rubble for a copy.